ON APRIL 23, 2014 I had an incredible dream that I posted here on this blog. It sat there for many years until August 6, 2020, when it was revealed that part of that dream meant something I didn’t know before. On Aug 12, 2020, I made a series of 4 videos regarding this dream and am putting them at the top of this blog post, leaving the rest of the post as posted below.

PLEASE NOTE: There may be some misunderstanding by those viewing these videos who are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, it’s intended audience. First of all, righteousness is the key to surviving the turmoil of the last days and although there will be great persecution of all believers, it isn’t just members of the Church who are spared in Zion. There are LOTS of other people of other faiths that are part of that! There are a LOT of members of the Church who will NOT be a part of Zion and not spared anything because they are not righteous and are not keeping their covenants! In fact, no one is completely spared the trials to come. There is no pre-tribulation rapture! It’s going to be a tough time for all. Please understand that.

This is both a word of warning and a word of incredible hope. I look forward to your comments and hope that this will help you.


Note: this is the Original Post which was then updated Aug 6, 2020 (See text below) and the videos above contain far more information than anything below here:

On Tuesday, April 29, 2014, I had the following dream, only a portion of which I will mention here. I dreamt I was in the home of a man than I did not know, but that I had heard about. I saw something that reminded me of my father’s business, a poster with the logo of his old company on it. I bent down to pick it up as instant nostalgia overflowed my being. As I was leaning down someone brushed by me and I turned to see my father standing there. He had been dead for over 9 years and I rushed to hug him. It felt so good to see him again! Without saying a word he gently pushed me away with a somewhat stern look on his face that suggested he was here to deliver a serious message. I was confused and in my heart thought, “Dad, I haven’t seen you in 9 years. Can’t I hold on to you for a bit longer?” These are only thoughts in my mind and are not actual words, but there was no change in my father’s face. He was very concerned that I get this message.

I turned to see a large book sitting on a coffee table and felt impressed to go pick it up. There were several other people in the room but I don’t know who they were. The book was about 18 inches square and about 6 inches thick. The outside cover was red velvet and in the middle of the front was a cutout revealing a photograph or drawing, but I don’t know what it was of. As I picked it up and tried to open it, it instantly fell apart in my hands and pages fell out of it all over the table and floor. I was embarrassed that I had been given such a beautiful gift and was treating it so casually. I really had done nothing wrong as a profound message about to be revealed.

I quickly grabbed each of the pages and tried to find how they fit back into the book trying to determine what was the front, what was the back and which went in first. I didn’t have time to look at much of the pictures as I was hurrying to get it all back together. I noticed that there were pictures of many things (mostly of very sickly animals that were almost dead) floating in the ocean. There were also many pictures of wars, earthquakes, tsunamis, riots, atomic bombs, plagues, floods, erupting volcanoes, hurricanes, etc. and they were all done in an unusual drawing style as they were not photos.

I did stop and look at one picture (or drawing) of a Duck. He looked terrible. He was not sitting on top of the water but was down in it a ways. His beak was broken, his eye was damaged, feathers were missing and he was covered in diseases. I inserted the page into the book and picked up another one of an Eagle in exactly the same situation.

My father then spoke for the first time saying, “Destruction is Imminent.” I quickly turned and looked at him, rather alarmingly and questioning, “destruction is imminent?” He replied, “Destruction is Imminent.”

I then gathered up the book with all of the pages loosely between the covers and all of the other items that were on the table. I bundled them all in my arms feeling so good that I knew this information. I then walked out of the door and promptly woke up.

I wrote that dream down in my phone at 3:30 in the morning. That phrase “destruction is imminent,” has gone through my mind every single day since that time. Now that it has been almost a year and a half since I had that dream, I have spent much time reflecting upon a number of the images and the entire process in which it was revealed. Although the images were terrible in nature it was done in such a manner as to not cause great fear within my soul. Although destruction is imminent according to the prophecies given in the Scriptures, there seems to be a little time left to get ready. The word imminent means a different thing to humans than with God. Yet even with all of that, I feel a great urgency to become prepared.

It has also changed my perspectives on some of my goals in life. I no longer have a desire to have many of the things of the world but only those things that are necessary for life and protection. When the Scriptures say that the “earth shall reel to and fro as a drunken man,” it’s hard to see any property surviving such a drastic earthquake, the largest one ever seen in the history of the world. Why spend my time trying to acquire such things when they will become worthless in just a few years?

It also made an increased desire in me to be a better person and to shed many of my weaknesses. I have a long way to go but I am working on it every day. Although I have been an avid reader of the scriptures (especially the Book of Mormon) for the past 34 years (I have only missed about 62 days in that time) I have an even greater desire to understand the messages in them and to use them as a personal guide or Liahona (a reference to a spiritual compass or director to the Prophet Lehi in the Book of Mormon).

The Scriptures reveal a number of things regarding the future and the prophesied destruction that comes before the return of our Savior Jesus Christ. In the Book of Mormon, Christ gives a number of prophecies to the people upon this land soon after his resurrection and appearance to them here in the Western Hemisphere and shows two possible outcomes: 1-Acceptance of the gospel message with glorious blessings attending it, or 2-Rejection of that message and incredible destructions because of it.

It is obvious to me, because of that dream (and other things) that America has chosen to reject the great blessings that they have been given and the requirement to live and keep the Commandments as instructed by God. We are in trouble and the prophesied of destruction that is imminent. I pray that we will have the faith to survive the cataclysm that is coming.

UPDATE: Aug 6, 2020 (The Video Series above contains more detailed information than what is shown below)

I was reading the Isaiah chapters in 2 Nephi, 12-24 today, and looking at it from a different perspective. I had always been taught that Isaiah was a poet and decided to put things in whatever order he wanted to because poetry doesn’t really have linear rules. Since I had been reading a lot about the signs of the times and the events that are occurring throughout the world, I decided to read it from the perspective of our day only.

When Nephi had his vision of the last days, he was not allowed to write it down but he was told that he would be shown the events anyway. He was also told that others had seen these same things, most notably John the Revelator. But it is obvious that Isaiah also saw those same things and that is why Nephi is quoting this entire section of his book, even though he knows that it is in the brass plates that will be delivered throughout the world in the Bible.

As I was reading with this perspective, I noticed a number of things that could definitely apply to our day. Once I got the chapter 18 though, I was hit with absolute shock. Isaiah tells us that he and his children were given for signs to the house of Israel and he names his first son Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz. We used to make fun of that name in seminary and imagined several scenarios in which someone was angry with him and had to call them by his full name.

Today was different.

I looked down at the footnote to remind myself what the translation of his name is and lo and behold, it says, “destruction is imminent.” I was floored. I had marked this verse many years ago and in fact, this section of 2 Nephi is so marked up it’s hard to read some of the verses, but I had forgotten what his name meant. Now I looked at everything from a perspective of today, and I mean today!

As you will note in the description of the dream above, I saw several images of dead or mostly dead things floating in the water. In fact, that was most of the images that I saw. What would cause such a thing? A flood. In verse 7 the Lord tells Isaiah that the King of Assyria is coming into the land in all his glory, overflowing the channels and going over all his banks. It will reach even to the neck.

A flood of people led by the King of Assyria, the Antichrist, the Stout Horn, the False Messiah, the son of Perdition, the Man of Sin, Gog of Magog! They are here to overtake the land and flood it and in the process sweep out all of those who have not kept the commandments.

The rest of this chapter when viewed from this perspective is incredibly frightening when we realize that this is about to happen. The only safety will be with the Son of God and the leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Those who say we need to join with another country or group of people in order to fight against this king will be destroyed.

There are those who would seek advice from soothsayers, tarot card readers, and horoscopes but they have been warned that there is no light in them.

The vast majority of the country will barely make it through it and because they have not prepared they will be hungry, fretting, and cursing God while looking up to heaven. Everywhere they look is darkness and trouble.

All of these chapters from 12-24 all relate to us today when looked at from the proper perspective. The things that happened to Judah and the house of Israel are going to happen to us. Everything that happened in the past is going to happen again. Even though the names have changed, the methods are the same.

On one side there is great despair knowing that many will be hauled off, beaten, tortured, and killed, powerless to fight against the great Antichrist.

But these chapters also tell us that the Lord brought him here because we are a hypocritical nation. All we have sought for is money, power, status, and the pleasurable things of the world. We have not cared for the poor. We have not sought to keep the commandments nor to worship him only. We are an idolatrous nation and so the Lord has brought him here to destroy the wicked.

Now the Assyrian thinks that he’s doing it all himself but he will quickly find that once the power of God descends upon the righteous saints, the ones who survive the terrific and horrific ordeal, he will be powerless against them. Some think that it is the lost 10 Tribes returning and bringing great technology with them and thereby saving the saints of our day. It doesn’t really matter how the Saints are spared, just know that they are will receive tremendous blessings.

I’m going to reread these chapters again and apply them to our day. A great and terrible day is coming. Our membership in the Church may be the most valuable thing we have!

I pray that we will be ready!

Note: If there is a Warning on ANY Video above that it somehow commits Copyright Infringement of someone else, please note that these videos are being held hostage by someone as the latest version of some sort of Ransomware that is rampant on YouTube. There is NO violation as all the material is 100% my own creation. I got a notification from YouTube on Aug 17, 2020, that they had released all negative copyright claims and it can now be posted.