Obamacare: Good or Bad for America

Obamacare: Good or Bad for America?


Does Obamacare Solve The Problem?

There are several photos of people on several Facebook pages that have benefited from Obamacare. More and more stories are showing up about how Obamacare has saved the day and they are now all devoted fans who practically worship Obama and what he has done for our country. The Republicans who fought against it are railed and vilified as mean spirited and selfish. Those horrible insurance companies are as evil as it gets and viewed lower than bat guano in a subterranean cavern.

If anyone tries to say anything that is remotely against these photos or stories, they will bring down the wrath of those who use their small minds to speak words of filth and debauchery so noticeably on display in the comments that abound. It is hard to have a real conversation when the only words some people know and use are four letter ones with interesting variations and combinations.

I will try to have a real discussion and bring out some reality to what is going on.

I am glad that this woman (and the others) found the means through Obamacare to have a much needed surgery. I have a friend whose wife was cancer-stricken and they also feel the same way about Obamacare. So now they, and this woman, are life-long defenders of this law and want the world to know their story. It would be difficult to be in such a situation and not have the means to afford the procedures. My heart goes out to all of them and the millions of others who face similar problems.

But does Obamacare solve the problem?

You see, so far Obamacare has solved THEIR problem, but not THE problem. THE problem is the cost of Medical Care. Government intrusion starting way back in the 60’s is what started the spiraling health care costs in this country. It used to cost about $300 to have a baby in the early 60’s. Now it’s a minimum of around $5000 and because of a society that punishes every incident or problem as incompetence, legal fees can easily raise that to around $20K or more. If they end up in the ICU for an extended time the cost can easily extend above $100K. If the child dies, the entire continent is sued for damages.

Because of these spiraling costs, government intervention, a plethora of lawyers looking to get rich (they really aren’t after justice you know), and a society that demands perfection, we now have the most burdensome system in the history of the world in Obamacare that will soon squeeze out all possible profits for any business to survive on (and yes, doctors, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, etc. are businesses that survive on PROFITS, which is NOT a four letter word).

Therefore these businesses will cease to exist in the not-to-distant future. And it may happen sooner than you think as this article  shows that many doctors are already going broke.

If they do exist it will be in a far different format than we currently enjoy. It will be under a Socialist system that is exhibited in many countries and the reason so many of their rich come to America to get difficult procedures done, because they can’t get them in their own country.

We are going to continue to have more and more people do similar things like this woman and show how happy they are now that Obamacare “saved” them until we are so entrenched in the system that we cannot eliminate it. Then once it is fully implemented and all profits have been drained, the care that people thought they were getting will start to diminish. Most people have no idea regarding the effects of the full weight of Obamacare once it is fully implemented. It has barely begun. We are starting to see stories like this to think that what is coming is more of the same for everyone. It isn’t.

Yes you read that correctly. Obamacare does not solve the problem.

As time goes on and more and more procedures are declared “too expensive, not determined as necessary, your too old, etc.” the funds will be cut off and stories like this will cease. The insurance companies of the past had declared that there were limits on what they could spend on a lifetime of medical care per person and that preexisting conditions could not be covered. Now the Federal Government will be the ones declaring the limits and even fewer services will be performed.

Not even the Fed can pay for every needed procedure and they will have to cut back. There is no such thing as unlimited funds or unlimited care.

So instead of saving everyone from those “greedy” insurance companies and those “horrible” pharmaceutical manufacturers, we will be forced to undergo care under doctors who make little more that we do and have no desire or energy to do more than they could. Since the legal system will be altered for medicine (because we can’t just pay everybody for all the botched procedures, you know) they also won’t worry about getting sued.

All incentive to do better will be gone.

All incentive to care will be gone with it.

Enjoy this photo and the hundreds more to come on this Facebook page, because there will come a time when if possible (we won’t be able to do Facebook under a Socialist state) people will be complaining that they can’t get the care they need; they had to wait for months to see a doctor; they decided the procedure was too expensive or that it wasn’t worth trying or that some bureaucrat in DC decided that it wasn’t justified.

Many will scoff at these suggestions. I am sure a few will hurl more foul-mouthed obscenities at my logic because they don’t have a grasp on the real world nor knowledge of history. They have been taught by a system of schools that everything should be free and we should all just get along with each other.

I won’t be able to do anything about their ignorance of natural laws, I can only try to show in a logical fashion the absurdity of their assumptions. I can only try to urge people to vote for Mitt Romney to get rid of this terrible law.

So again, enjoy these photos. They won’t be the last…for a while at least thanks to Obamacare.

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Kelly Smith is an inspirational speaker and motivational persuader. He loves to lift others to greater heights and see them improve and grow. He loves to serve others and seeks to help them see the best in themselves.

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  5. Citizen Ghost Reply

    What the woman in the picture doesn’t tell you is that the reason she had no coverage through her employer is BECAUSE of ObamaCare. And she didn’t “go and get” coverage that allowed her to receive help. When you go to the ER it is national law that they have to render the necessary services to solve your health issues. The condition she suffered from was obviously life-threatening so they were obligated by Federal law to assist. My God in heaven, forgive me, but I hate propagandists liars!

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