There are many references throughout the Scriptures to describe the Word of God as being a sword. Swords are typically an offensive weapon and there are numerous examples in the Scriptures of people being beheaded, disarmed, pierced and otherwise eliminated because of being in battle with someone with the sword.

The Sword of God

In the Book of Revelation there is a powerful description of Jesus Christ and it uses this interesting phrase in 1:16 And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength.

From a graphic point of view, if taken literally, it makes no sense because putting a sword in one’s mouth would not be a very effective use of such a weapon. From a poetic point of view it makes perfect sense that the words that come out of his mouth act as a sword.

In D&C 11:2 Lord uses this phrase describing his word: “Behold, I am God; give heed to my word, which is quick and powerful, sharper than a two-edged sword, to the dividing asunder of both joints and marrow; therefore give heed unto my word.”

It divides into pieces clear down to the joints and marrow, the center of the bones. Anyone who has ever butchered an animal can easily picture such action. There are numerous war scenes in movies of our day that show in graphic detail swordfights and the results.

We don’t usually picture the Lord Jesus Christ wielding a sword in such a fashion, yet, he repeats that phrase mentioned in chapter 11 of the Doctrine and Covenants multiple times. He wants to get a point across! He wants to make sure that we make no mistake about a very important principle.

At the beginning of the Book of Mormon there is a story of how Nephi acquires the brass plates from Laban and how he finds Laban drunk in the streets and pulls out the beautiful sword from its sheath. He admires the sword and is told to cut off the head of Laban. At first Nephi revolts at the thought because he’s never done such a thing but the Lord tells him to do so because he has broken many covenants and sought Nephi’s life.

Nephi then does as commanded, then puts on Laban’s clothing and acquires the plates from the treasury and take them back to his brothers. (Please read the whole story, I’m giving a very short paraphrase here.)

This sword along with the brass plate’s origin actually goes clear back to Joseph of Egypt as he is the one that made both of them. The sword is intricately connected to the Book of Mormon because it was in the stone box with which the plates were hidden and with which Joseph Smith unearthed and translated.

While I have pondered this many times to understand the meaning of the symbols that were buried with the plates and even written an unpublished book about it, the sword part has never really been completely meaningful to me until now.

We have been invited repeatedly by the Lord to read the Book of Mormon and to flood the earth with it to gather all the house of Israel. We have been told to study it and use it as our guide in our daily life. We’ve been using it to defend the church’s teachings, leaders and programs.

We have been told repeatedly that there is a great division coming among the people that the righteous will be on one side and the wicked on the other and that everyone will have to make a choice as to which side they are going to be on.

Since God’s word is the sword and creates the division amongst the people, the reality is that the Book of Mormon is God’s sword that creates this action. Those who believe the book will be considered on his side. Those who do not believe it will be those who oppose God.

The Book of Mormon is God’s sword!

The Gentiles have been repeatedly warned that if they did not give heed to the Prophet’s and apostle’s teachings that were restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith and testified of by the Book of Mormon, they would be swept off from this land and it will be given to another. We have been greatly blessed as Gentiles in this land but sadly, most Christians do not accept the Book of Mormon as they consider it something someone made up and not from God.

As we get closer to the coming of the Lord in the latter days, the Book of Mormon prophesies that the righteous will be gathered into one and the wicked will be scattered and slain. The Book of Mormon is the tool with which the righteous will give heed and gather together.

The Book of Mormon is God’s sword!

I’m begging everyone within the sound of my voice to pay attention to this book! It is not an invention of man. It is not the ramblings of the wild imaginations of Joseph Smith. Anyone who has taken a serious study of this book will recognize that it is extremely complicated. I have found that it is the deepest book on the face of the earth as there are multiple levels of understanding and meaning if you will take the time to ponder what it’s really saying. No other book has this power besides of course, the other standard works church.

I have now read this book almost every day for 34 years missing only 62 days in that time. I know it is true and I hope that everyone will do their part to pay attention to this marvelous Scripture.

The Book of Mormon is God’s Sword!

The Book of Mormon is God’s sword!