This is a quote from Richard Draper, BYU Religion Professor, and worth noting.

Richard Draper is an authority on the Book of Revelations, and he answers these questions:

Between now and the time we build Zion – we are vulnerable.

Why don’t church leaders speak out more and warn about the last days and what’s coming?

Why is there no show of strength by the Church?

Why is there so much evil?

Why is there no parting of the Red Sea, as it were, or the ten plagues?

Why is there no drying up of the heavens, or plagues under the administration of the prophet?

Why is it that the church leaders do not march forth in a strong defense, rising up to condemn the nation like the prophets of old?

Where is the equivalent of the burden of Babylon, or the burden of Assyria, or the burden of Moab?

We are just not hearing about these things!

Why do the leaders sit quietly, doing the inner work of the kingdom – rather than battling for righteousness by buying prime time slots on TV, holding huge rallies, or shouting hellfire against the sin centers of the world. Even the missionaries are encouraged not to contend, but to preach with love.

Could it be that we are now in the one thousand two hundred and sixty days when the beast walks the land? Are we now in the time, times, and half-time, when the three and ½ years commence? Are we in the midst of the forty-two months? Could it be that evil really is supposed to have the upper hand, to do its work … almost unhindered (at least for the time being)? Is it really possible?

The Book of Revelation in the New Testament provides an answer. It shows us that the path of the church is not to actively fight against Babylon or to put her down. She is to grow fat and sassy and to grow ever more arrogant and
strong; and to remain ignorant that the day of her destruction is not far distant.

Our job is to flee Babylon (repent), gather Israel through the preaching of the gospel; perfect the Saints, redeem the dead, and build Zion.

The church does not have the resources to fight against principles, institutions, or people. Every ounce of energy (financial and human) must be used for people, for morality, for goodness – not for actively opposing Babylon. In the Book of Revelation, neither the 144,000 nor the Saints take part in any opposition against Babylon, the dragon, the beast, or false prophets. The Saints are absent from all battlefields. The 144,000 are engaged only in the gathering of those of Israel who will come to the church of the firstborn. The only task that The Book of Revelation assigns to the Saints is to worship God and not the beast, to endure in faith, maintain virtue, to withstand persecution, and to preach the gospel of God.

Evil really does have to have its day! Therefore, the church, for the present, is in a kind of isolation mode – concerned mostly with itself and internal affairs, strengthening its doctrinal and theological foundation – adding to its membership all who will come and leaving the rest of the world to build that part of hell in which they will soon fall.

Yes, evil really has to have its day. This world experiencing the stage on which the cosmos will be able to see the self-destructive nature of unrighteousness. Wickedness is going to come down! It is wickedness that is going to bring wickedness down. (The prophet won’t need to do it – the wicked will bring it on themselves.) The cosmos is going to be able to see that. And just at the point where everyone has learned this lesson . . . then God is going to
step in and save the world.”

God laid out the plan for this world before it was created, and Jesus Christ is carrying out that plan in flawless detail. The Prophet and Apostles today are doing their part in carrying out that plan just as it was designed by God.

We have been warned. We are now being tested to see if we will be obedient to the prophet.

God’s plan is working. The question is – ARE WE ON BOARD WITH HIS PLAN?


(My thanks to Shelle McDermott for sending this to me in an email).