There are many people in our society that have fallen away from churches, lost their faith, following the teachings of the world regarding evolution and atheism and now boldly demand that we prove that God exists.

It’s easy to make an accusation. It takes a lot more work to refute an accusation.

If God exists, (and he does) then He is in control and He’s not going to bow to the wishes or demands of those who he is over. We are under him. We are required to do things His way, not the other way around.

This video is an attempt to show a way that people can prove for themselves that God exists. It won’t be by using the physical senses of sight, touch, taste, hearing, or smell, but by using spiritual senses that need to be developed. It only requires a particle of faith to begin the process, but it does require some faith.

But it does not require blind faith. The Lord has given us a way whereby we can prove to ourselves that he lives. I don’t want to put the entire transcript of everything I said in the video because it’s important to watch what I say and feel the spirit of how it is said. I look forward to your comments after you’ve watched the whole thing.

Now regarding those comments, I get bombarded all the time with anti-Mormon literature on my social media accounts and there is nothing that you can’t throw at me that I haven’t heard before. Every time I encounter some “anti” person, they always have this attitude that they have learned something “new” and “shocking” and just want to make sure I know about it. I already do. There is nothing new, just repackaged old stuff made to look more “scholarly” with footnotes and strings of claims.

Just know that if what I say is true, there must be opposition to it. It’s part of the process of showing that it is true.

If you’re the type of person that just likes to do snarky, I’m not going to answer you and will most likely block you. If you are the type of person that really wants to know something, I will share with you what I know. But I’m not going to deal with those who have cut themselves off from the spirit of God by their actions and now seek the destruction of everyone else involved in the church.

Believe me, I know firsthand what happens here!

Jesus taught that there are four types of people in the world (Matt 13):

  1. Those who have absolutely no interest in the things of God.
  2. Those who have some interest but don’t put forth any effort.
  3. Those who have an interest and start along the path, but get bogged down in the things of the world and lose their way.
  4. Those who are greatly interested in the things of God and will do all they can to find the truth and stay faithful to what they learn and know.

For those who once knew the truth and have fallen away, some may now have even become sons of perdition and will be banished to outer darkness after their death. They are self-made devils and there is no hope for them. Many of those who are “snarky” in their comments are on the path towards outer darkness and I pray they will recognize what they are doing.

I know God lives and I just want to share that with the world.

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