BROKEN-OBAMACARE-PROMISESLooking for an alternative to Obamacare?

(Here is the link if you don’t want to wait). If there’s one thing that has gone completely wrong in our country over the last six years, it’s the forceful establishment of the “Affordable Care Act” upon “we the people”. Nothing has worked out as promised and none of the promises have been kept. People I know are losing their doctors, their coverage and their planned procedures right and left. And now as of this year, those who don’t subscribe to this forced government program are going to be penalized and the penalties are going to be worse than what people think.


Medical bills are affecting more and more people’s financial situations in a negative way.

Everybody I know wants a way out. They want some kind of alternative and they want to go back to what we once had, which was the greatest medical system in the history of the world. More medical advances have been made under the free market system than people realize. Other people I know want a “single-payer system” in order to” keep down the cost.” It won’t work. As soon as you remove competition out of the equation, prices go up and the quality goes down and every socialist country in the world attests to that. Story after story is told the people in those type of countries that wait weeks or months for even being seen on the procedures. I’m surprised that our government decided to adopt such a disastrous system.

During the medical program I was previously on, when Obamacare was made into law, they said that they were now switching and would give me a quote. I waited a couple days and received a phone call from them. They were so excited to tell me the good news. Because of our situation at the time we would only have to pay $325 per month for the Silver Plan and the taxpayers would pay $950 per month. I said, “Are you kidding me?” He replied, “No we aren’t. Isn’t that great news?” I said, “No thank you. I refuse to have the taxpayers of this country pay for my medical insurance. It isn’t fair. Isn’t right. It isn’t constitutional. How do you expect the country to survive under such a program? This is a disaster of epic biblical monumental proportions like never seen before. You are guaranteed to bankrupt this country in the years ahead and this program will not survive.” I hung up the phone and immediately started looking for an alternative.

I found one and I researched it for 3 months.


Keeping our children healthy is most parent’s priority.

And surprisingly the alternative is right in Obamacare. Very deep within the law is an option for people who belong to Christian healthcare organizations to not be subject to the tax or penalty. To me this is quite surprising that this would be allowed, but I’m sure that everyone thought that no one would join such a program and so they allowed it. They were wrong. In fact they were dead wrong and more and more people are finding this as a viable option, in fact in many ways, it is even better than the insurance they once had even though this is not insurance.

There are a couple things to be aware of when joining one of these organizations. Some of these things are not palpable to some people. Well, they can go back to Obamacare if they want to. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1-You must be a Christian. You must have a document signed by your Pastor, Bishop or Priest attesting to your attendance at church on a regular basis. If you can’t do that, either start attending or look someplace else.


Complete Maternity coverage is available under Christian Healthcare Ministries if you belong to the program at least 30 days before becoming pregnant. (See plan for details).

2-You must sign a document that you agree that this is not insurance. You agree that you have no guarantee that your bills are going to be paid. This is a legal requirement because it isn’t insurance and not subject to insurance rules and regulations. But know this, the group that I belong to has never missed a payment in over 30 years (yes, they are a 30-year-old company). For some people, they will not be able to accept this option. I would have them look at it this way. Even though you once purchased an insurance program that you may or may not have liked, how often were your bills always paid? Were there times that you fought and struggled over all sorts of things and found out that you weren’t covered for certain procedures? In reality it all comes down to faith anyway and that’s what this is all about.

The costs of medical procedures has skyrocketed because of government intervention.

The costs of medical procedures has skyrocketed because of government intervention.

3-They don’t cover preventative measures or procedures and they don’t cover some things like dental, vision or chiropractic care, but very few insurance companies cover those anyway anymore. There are three different levels at which you can join and the maximum amount you would have to pay is $450 per month for your entire family on the Gold Program. With that you get a $500 deductible per incident program, meaning that they would have to pay the first $500 of any single event, like breaking an arm. After that, you are covered for everything up to around $125,000 regarding that incident. If you have another “incident” you will have to pay the first $500 of that one too. But here’s the beauty of the system. If you belong to the “Brothers Keeper” program where you pay an extra $75 per quarter, you have the option of requesting additional help for catastrophic plans and your name is put into the prayer rolls of the people and there is unlimited coverage for those massive bills. There are many stories of people who had multi-gazillion dollar procedures that were covered under this Brother’s Keeper program.


Can you imagine how expensive this surgery is going to be?

There are some other things to be considered and looked at if you want to join this program. I encourage you to take a look at it and see if this will fit you and your family. There is also a way to get your coverage at no cost. If you want to learn about that, please feel free to call me at 775-722-4949 and I will explain that program to you. It has already work for me.

So I encourage you to take a few minutes to look at this program and call me if you have any questions. It isn’t 100% perfect but it is 1000% better than Obamacare! It’s far cheaper, you are opted out of the penalties, you can go to any doctor or hospital that you wish, and you now have a faith based system for controlling and helping you with medical expenses.

If you would like a way to get a quote on any type of insurance (home, auto, health, life, etc.), go to this website and get a quote with just One Click. In most cases you will not even have to talk to an Insurance Agent!